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Discover Nashville

Every year millions of people travel to Nashville from across the world to indulge in its rich and renowned culture. Deemed Music City by radio announcer David Cobb in 1950, Nashville has an abundance of sightseeing attractions and historical treasures to offer its visitors. With world-class music venues, fine dining, and multicultural attractions, Nashville is one the premiere destinations for vacationers and business travelers.

Founded in 1779 along the Cumberland River, Nashville quickly became an economic hot bed due to its accessibility to surrounding trading ports. The numerous educational institutions in the area earned the city the reputation of being the "Athens of the South," a sentiment that continues to prevail to this day. The historic Parthenon - a scaled-down replica of the original in Athens - sits proudly in the heart of Centennial Park, representing the rich culture that our city offers its residents and visitors.

The spirit of the city remains alive through every hour of the day. Whether walking down the famous Broadway strip at noon on a weekday or catching the last notes of a street performer at 3 AM, the sounds of music never cease to provide an animated soundtrack to the Nashville landscape. Discovering the beauty of the city is an experience met with cultural enlightenment, a deeply rooted history, and unparalleled southern hospitality. 

Area Attractions

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Both a tourist and local favorite, the Country Music Hall of Fame celebrates the most legendary acts in country music; musicians and entertainers who have not only blessed the world with their art but have helped to cultivate Nashville into the musical mecca that it is known to be today. With rotating exhibits featuring musicians such as Reba, Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson, and Bob Dylan, the Hall of Fame and Museum educates and inspires music lovers from across the world and sheds enormous insight on the musical history of Nashville.

Ryman Auditorium

Often placing in the top five venues for esteemed musicians to play, the Ryman Auditorium is one of the most historic and renowned concert halls in the world. Built in 1892, the "Mother Church" has brought divine inspiration to countless legends. Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash, just to name a few, have imprinted the historic floor boards of the Ryman's stage with their prolific performances.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Discover the epic history of the American South through our namesake, the exquisitely preserved home of our 7th president Andrew Jackson. The Hermitage features 1,100 acres of original land owned by Andrew Jackson, and many stories that chronicle our country's beginning years. Between the magnitude of the mansion and the magnificent, rolling depths of the president's botanical gardens, the Hermitage brings to life a colorful depiction of Jackson's life and the landscape of our country's nineteenth century.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Founded by the Maxwell Family of Maxwell House Coffee, the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens feature seven acres of exquisite and diversified plant life, and provide a beautiful backdrop for a romantic outing or family fun. Japanese gardens usher you into a sacred, meditative space, while long avenues leading to perennial flowers animate the season in rich, vibrant colors and magnificent scents. The gardens are a staple of the Nashville spirit, showcasing the sprawling greenery that our city works to preserve despite its striking urban development.

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