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Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage

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The Passing of the 19th Amendment- Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage History

In August of 1920, Tennessee’s 33 Senators and 99 Representatives came to Nashville for a special session called by the Governor. At stake was a hotly contested issue of national importance - the women’s right to vote. From all across the United States, leaders, special interest groups, and news journalists arrived as all eyes of the nation were on Tennessee. This dramatic, make-or-break-it legislative vote came down to Tennessee as the last essential state left to decide to ratify, or nullify, the 19th Amendment.

The Hermitage Hotel had been a headquarters for state politics since it opened in 1910. Just a block from the magnificent state Capitol, both Pro- and Anti-Suffrage groups headquartered at the hotel for six weeks leading up to the final vote. Its 250 guest rooms & suites, lobby, meeting rooms, and dining room were filled-to-overflowing with Pro- and Anti-campaigners. They called it “The War of the Roses.” The Anti-Ratification forces, led by women wearing red roses, were squared off against the yellow-rose-wearing Pro-Suffrage campaigners. Yet as neither side was able to vote, the legislators had to be convinced.

As the hotel was a favorite spot for legislators, their votes were influenced, argued, and strategized to an intense degree within its halls. A fundamental right was at stake, one that had been advocated for since 1848, and one that would impact nearly twenty-seven million women. The heated debates progressed in the state Capitol for eight days. Ultimately, it was a single tie-breaking vote that tipped the scales - a shining example that one vote truly does matter! When it was finished, the United States Constitution was forever amended. The 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution was successfully passed on August 18, 1920 and signed into law on August 26th, giving women the right to vote across the country. As we approach August 2020, the centennial anniversary of Women's Suffrage, we celebrate this momentous period in history & our role in its story.

womens suffrage tennessee anniversary
womens suffrage tennessee anniversary



19th amendment centennial nashville celebration

It Happened Here Then, It's Still Happening Here Now

Since The Hermitage Hotel served as an integral backdrop during the fight toward women’s suffrage, we are excited to preserve and celebrate this monumental moment.

Historic Alcove Celebrating The 19th Amendment - Throughout all of 2021 in the Grand Lobby explore a display of The Hermitage Hotel’s private collection of historic artifacts dating from the summer of 1920, when both Pro and Anti Suffrage leaders were headquartered in the hotel. This display is located in the lobby next to the reception desk and is open for all to see throughout the centennial year.        

Suffrage-Themed Craft Cocktail Menu - Throughout all of 2021 at The Lobby Bar. In the summer of 1920, Pro and Anti Suffragists lobbied the men of Capitol Hill for the right to vote. Although forbidden by prohibition, many legislators and lobbyists winked at the 18th Amendment while fighting for and against the 19th. Travel back in time to the final battleground of Women’s Suffrage and honor this unique moment in history for an immersive tasting experience inside the storied Oak Bar. Each cocktail is hand-crafted to fit the personality of Nashville's most prominent Suffrage leaders. Be sure to experience the Carrie!

nashville womens suffrage celebration
womens suffrage tennessee anniversary
womens suffrage tennessee anniversary